Riley County commission to keep 2021 budget flat


Riley County commissioners are looking to keep the 2021 budget as flat with 2020 as much as possible.

Budget and Finance Officer Tami Robison presented a budget calendar, development worksheet, and the appropriation request history. The commission has voiced their want to keep the budget as flat as possible, even with personnel.  The current appropriation requests for 2021 are currently flat with last year, with five agencies asking for increases. ATA Bus is the only agency asking for less since they received 30 thousand dollars in grants.

The current value of a mill for Riley County is $669,563. This equates to 42.24 mills, which is a decrease of 0.798 mills from last years mill levy.

The budget committee is requesting the commission transfer an additional one million dollars into the capital improvement fund (CIP).  This is to earmark funds for a new EMS station.  The project is a priority and staff has estimated it will cost $4 million.  The county currently has $1.98 million in non-funded for 2020, since they were not able to hold an any CIP sessions.

While looking at the appropriation requests, Commissioner Ron Wells wanted to give the requested increases to the Flint Hills Veteran Coalition, Area Agency on Aging, and the T. Russel Reitz Animal Shelter.  Commission Chairman Marvin Rodriguez agreed with Wells, but Commissioner John Ford did not.  Ford says if they are asking departments to remain flat, then it is only fair to keep everyone flat.

The commission gave consensus to leave the requests flat with last year, except for a $100 increase for the Flint Hills Veteran Coalition. They will also not give any funding to the Aggieville Business Association.

If the mill levy remains flat from last year, the county could have an additional $500,00 added to the budget.


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