Technology Changing Emergency Response, Police Practices


Technology continues to change the face of emergency response for first responders, including in Riley County. RCPD Director Dennis Buttler on KMAN’s In Focus Friday noted one new app that can help alert dispatchers to someone in trouble.

Called “What 3 Words”, the app’s developers have assigned three unique words to every 10-foot square on maps worldwide.

      7-23-1 3 words 1

He says the app gives dispatchers info even if the caller can’t speak.

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Another program the police department is utilizing is called “SafeCam”, where homeowners can register their security cameras. Police would be able to view that information in a database and determine whether footage from those cameras could help in the investigation of a neighborhood crime.

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Butler points out SafeCam is totally voluntary.

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Butler also noted how the Nextdoor platform has begun to supplant the old “Neighborhood Watch”.

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The “What 3 Words” app is available through the Apple and Google Play stores. Information on SafeCam and a link to the Nextdoor app can be found on the RCPD website.


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