AFT Kansas Meeting


The Local 6400 AFT Kansas at K-State, sponsored an educational event to review and discuss the differences between civil service and alternative service.  Attorney for AFT Kansas, Rebecca Proctor, provided the main presentation.

The largest difference between the two systems is how wage adjustments are made. In a classified system, pay increases are approved by the legislature. In an alternative system of service, a university has the ability to determine an employee’s wage or pay raise.  Cases of suspension, demotion or dismissal are also handled differently between the two systems.

The meeting comes in light of Kansas State University expressing a desire to switch to an alternative system of service. In order to transition to an alternative system of service, a university must hold a vote. The vote has to be announced 90 days before it takes place, and only classified employees can participate. If a transition is made, employees must retain all health and felexible benefits. They must also retain leave and retirement benefits.

K-State has  scheduled a series of meetings to discuss the matter in April and May.





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