AP: Colyer’s ‘new day’ likely won’t change key policy stances


Then Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer, front, sits with former Gov. Sam Brownback, back, before being sworn in as Governor of Kansas during a ceremony at the Statehouse in Topeka, Kan., Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018. Colyer promised a “new day” of openness shortly after taking the oath Wednesday as Kansas’ governor, addressing the public and a GOP-controlled Legislature that is deeply divided over a court order to increase state spending on public schools. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

TOPEKA — Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer is likely to keep some of former Gov. Sam Brownback’s most prominent policies in spite of promising a “new day” when taking office.

Colyer was sworn in Wednesday after Brownback resigned to take an ambassador’s post. He was Brownback’s loyal lieutenant governor for seven years.

Like Brownback, Colyer is a conservative Republican and a strong abortion opponent. The new administration is likely to continue supporting abortion restrictions.

Colyer described himself in a Thursday news conference as a “Second Amendment guy,” signaling no shift on gun-rights issues.

He continued to defend the philosophy behind work requirements in social services programs and express doubts about expanding the state’s Medicaid program.

He’s echoed Brownback’s statements about tying additional funding for public schools to specific education policy goals.


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