Concealed Carry A Last Minute Topic at USD 320 Meeting


USD-320Wamego’s Board of Education is looking to the future on several issues. At Monday’s meeting, after approving the hire of an additional 3rd Grade teacher and increasing the music teacher contract to accommodate increased student enrollment, the need for additional facilities was discussed at length. Superintendent Denise O’Dea said they are out of room now, and is looking for direction where the board members want to go given the current and future enrollment growth. A special meeting was set for April 3rd at 7 p.m. to further discuss the districts facility needs.

The discussion on Concealed Carry Weapons in the District got a little heated when it was brought up at the eleventh hour. President Phil Wethington introduced the issue at an earlier meeting, and it came up again. Board member Richard Weixelman said the Supreme Court ruled it legal to have a gun in possession on school grounds but not in the building. Wethington said there were several bills introduced in the State on the issue, but didn’t know where they stood. The board is divided on the issue and the discussion will continue. The Board indicates its number one concern is safety to both the students and faculty, and a committee’s been formed to come up with a plan, with the next meeting scheduled for March 28th.

Wamego’s students were honored for their achievements. At Monday’s Board of Education meeting, multiple student groups and staff were recognized for their achievement in State competitions. The groups included All State Choir and Band, other choirs, the High School Band, State Runner-up in Wrestling, and the Girls Basketball Team champions.

The meeting room was crowded with representatives from each of the groups present, along with their parents, who were introduced to the Board by their coaches, music director and band director. The student’s accomplishments were rewarded with appreciation and applause by the Board.


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