Beach Museum of Art back in full swing


After roughly 18 months of closure, the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art is opening their doors again!

Executive Director at the Beach Museum, Linda Duke, tells KMAN while having the online option was great and something they plan to continue, she is excited to have the Beach Museum open again. Duke says they have many new exhibits that she is excited about and exhibits that encompass their main goal of diversity.

      0823 Beach 7

These new exhibits are opening in September, including a fun, quirky exhibit that Duke is especially excited about coming on the 21st.

      0823 Beach 5

Duke says the artist behind the work is David Lebrun who worked alongside archaelogists for decades looking at ancient, iconic objects made by humans, which led him to the art exhibit.

      0823 Beach 6

Two collections from Gordon Parks will also be rolling into the museum opening on September 7th.

      0823 Beach 2

Duke says the Gordon Parks exhibit is called “Homeward to the Praire I Come”, pointing right back to his roots in Kansas.

      0823 Beach 3

The Beach Museum reopened officially on August 24th. More information can be found at The Beach Museum of Art’s website.



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