Bidding opens for Whispering Meadows; Pottawatomie County taxes due


Kansas state treasurer Ron Estes will be at the Pottawatomie County commission office on Friday, Dec. 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

County treasurer Lisa Wright says that Estes will be helping county residents through the process of getting their unclaimed money back from the state.

For additional information, you can contact the Pottawatomie County treasurer’s office at (785) 457-3681.


Whispering Meadows subdivision in Pottawatomie County garnered a lot of attention at Monday’s bid letting in Westmoreland.

“We had 10 bidders,” public works director Leu Lowrey said. “That’s the most I think we’ve ever had on this type of project.”

The project will consist of a number of sewer/water main upgrades. County engineer’s are tentatively estimating the project will cost $685,000. The current lowest bid comes from Manhattan Trenching, Inc., at $507,844.50.

The public works department will check for mathematical errors before giving its final recommendation to the commission next week.


The due date for year-end taxes is fast approaching.

Pottawatomie County treasurer Lisa Wright also says there are a variety of ways to submit your forms before the deadline.

“If you want to get your taxes in, they’re due by Dec. 20,” Wright said. “You can do it by mail. We can also to it by phone. There is also a drop box on the side of Pottawatomie Treasurer building.”

The treasurer’s office is located at 207 N. 1st Street in Westmoreland, Kan. Wright will be closing her offices on December 30 to complete her year-end books.



Land use policies continue to receive attention in Pottawatomie County.

“We’ve been discussing that (subdivision regulations) with the planning commission and county commission,” zoning administrator Gregg Webster said.

Webster adds that two particular areas have been scrutinized more so than others.

“(The) main thing being when does a subdivision plat need to be done,” Webster said. “Developments on paved roads as opposed to being on gravel roads.”

The commission will host a public hearing in January to review the policies. A date has not yet been determined.


A total of 11 permits were issued by Pottawatomie County zoning department in the month of November. The value of the permits came to $1.8 million.

There was one less permit issued in November of 2010, while the 2011 cost mirrors the 2010 total.

Zoning administrator Gregg Webster expects to have year-end totals sometime in January. He expects those numbers to be similar to the 2010 totals.

If you need to contact the zoning office, you can reach Webster at (785) 457-3551.




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