Boat ramps expected to reopen this weekend in Manhattan, Pottawatomie County


MANHATTAN — As water levels recede at Tuttle Creek Reservoir and outflows begin to decrease, local officials have decided to reopen the boat ramps in the area, that had previously been closed.

The boat ramps along the Kansas River in Pottawatomie County will be opened as personnel and resources allow. All area ramps are expected to be opened by this weekend. The City of Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department began removing barricades and opening the Linear Park boat ramp on the Big Blue River Wednesday.

Still, residents and visitors are advised to use caution as the riverbank stability will continue to be a danger, even as river levels decline. Saturated riverbank soils still exist and large sections can detach and fall into the river at any point. While the boat ramps are reopened, anyone entering the water should remain alert to the swift currents and potential dangers both in and under the water.

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