Campaign Expenditure Reports


Monday marked a deadline for Manhattan City Commission candidates to file their Receipts and Expenditures Reports for their campaigns.

According to the reports, Candidate John Ball spent the most money at $11,106.14 and raised $11,890 this reporting period, which was from February 15 through March 21. 

Candidate Rich Jankovich was the second highest spender at $10,041.77  and raised $3,945. He had $9,663.56 on hand at the beginning of the reporting period.

The third highest spender was Bob Strawn, with $9,825.77  in expenditures and $3,400 in contributions.

Next was Debbie Nuss, spending $7,559.75, with $6,550 in contributions.

Usha Reddi spent $5,832.80,  and raised $5,020.24.

Candidate Karen McCulloh raised $2,041,36  and spent $2,429.

Candidate Daniel Hogan didn’t have to file a report because he raised and spent less than $500 combined.

The general election will be next Tuesday April second


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