Card ‘skimmers’ found inside Wamego fuel pumps

Two apparent financial card readers or “skimmers” were found inside fuel pumps at two Wamego convenience stores Wednesday.
These were seized by the Wamego Police Department after discovering them during routine fuel pump inspections at The Last Stop and Red Raider Express.  It is unknown how long the skimmers had been inside the pumps.  Wamego PD says it is important to understand these businesses are victims of this electronic criminal activity and staff is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.
The police department has also taken several reports recently from Wamego residents documenting fraudulent activity on their debit card or credit card accounts that occurred in other cities.
The Wamego PD remind those to always keep a close eye on their financial card accounts, but to be especially vigilant if they have purchased fuel and paid at the fuel pumps at either of these stores within the past few weeks.  If someone discovers their financial card has been compromised, please contact your bank or credit card company, as well as your local law enforcement agency.

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