Change Is In the Wind: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet…That Is The Question


Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz says a change in the social media policy may be coming soon from the Kansas Board of Regents.  According to Schulz personal conversations with regents has led him to believe they recognize the recent social media policy update was a bit too draconian, and led to a chilling effect on community engagement.

Schulz says the medium can sometimes blur the line between personal and professional, and users should be aware of their postings. 

Many believe the new rules which state any social media posts which posed conflicts of interests with the university was grounds for firing stemmed from a post from a KU professor ranting about the NRA.

The Associated Press recently stated in a release that over 80 professors from Kansas wrote a letter asking the Board of Regents to reconsider the policy.

Schulz believes a change in the policy may be coming very soon to update the policy to reflect a more flexible attitude towards social media posts.



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