City Commission discusses replacement to Roads and Bridges tax



2002’s Roads and Bridges tax is set to expire in 2012, a fact that has sent the Manhattan City Commission searching for an alternative to replace it. One idea that was presented at Tuesday night’s Manhattan City Commission meeting was to discontinue the interlocal agreement for the tax between the City and County. Commissioners discussed the idea of instead using state statutes for the distribution of the tax, an idea that four Commissioners were in favor of. Mayor Jim Sherow was the sole dissenter, stating that he wished that more notice had been given that a vote was going to be called for, and thus voted against the measure.  However, the measure passed by a vote of four to zero.

Also discussed by the Commission Tuesday was the pricing and hours of operation for the nearly-complete Flint Hills Discovery Center. Prices for admission range from 9 dollars for adults, 7 dollars for students, military and seniors, and 4 dollars for children over the age of 2. The Discovery Center will also rent numerous spaces for parties, receptions, weddings, and other events.


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