Commission discusses Marlatt-Junietta connection


Talks concerning Marlatt Avenue and Junietta Road  heated up during Monday’s Pottawatomie County commission meeting.

The possibility of building a bridge to connect the two roadways has long been discussed. The focus of the county commission in the short-term is to bring the project to the attention of the Kansas Department of Transportation.

“It may be 5-10 years down the road, or more, but we need to get it on their radar,” Yenzer said. “It needs to be on their visual plans in the future so they can see what they can do for us.”

The reason the connection is being brought up is due in large part to traffic flow.

“It’s a spin-off of the Highway-24 corridor,” Yenzer said. “We’re close to getting maxed on that road and KDOT needs to do something to help out.”


Representatives from SMH Consultants updated the commission on the construction of the new courthouse facility.

The excavation process is currently underway. Ground was broken on the site back on March 27.

KBS Constructors, Inc., is handling the construction of the $11.6 million facility, which is expected to be operation in July 2013.


Many treasurer’s departments throughout Kansas have encountered problems with the switch to the new DMV system and Pottawatomie County was no exception.

Treasurer Lisa Wright told the commission the new system has caused a number of headaches.

“It’s still a work in progress,” Yenzer said. “Hopefully in the next month things will be flowing better.”

The new system consolidated the dated Kansas Driver’s License System, Vehicle Information Processing System, and Kansas Vehicle Inventory System into the new DMV system. County treasurer’s throughout the state just recently finished converting 6.8 million vehicle records.

“We apologize to our patrons who have been trying to get their tags renewed,” Yenzer said. “Be patient and bear with us because this will be a nice project when it’s all said and done.”


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