Commissioners approve fund transfers from public works to CIP


Riley County commissioners approved $121,231 to be transferred from the Riley County Public Works to the county CIP fund on Thursday.

Public Works Director Leon Hobson presented major transfers to parks related CIP funded projects. The department has $60,000 for a community line item divided up between all of the parks.

Hobson says they would like to move that leftover money to the CIP fund to then designate it for the Keats Shelter and Playground equipment. They also have some additional funds from projects they were not able to get to.

$20,000 will be used for the Keats Shelter project to purchase the actual shelter.  Then $12,000 will be used to install the actual shelter.  $75,000 will be transferred to purchase playground equipment for CICO Park.

Hobson says the playground money will also play a bigger role for the park’s master plan.  They will use the funds to help match with a grant. There is already $150,000 in the CIP fund designated for this project.

The extra $26,231 from the community line item will be split between the shelter project and the playground equipment; $14,040 to the playground equipment and $12,190 to the shelter.

Commissioners also approved five projects to be funded with the sales tax fund.  Back in October, the commission approved the public works to begin consultation selection for seven bridge and three culvert projects. Assistant Public Works Director Gary Rosewicz says they were able to speak with six consultants, with one not being able to take on a project.

During the process, they took a closer look at the Bodaville Bridge, which was upgraded last summer. Rosewicz says they saw no reason to work on this bridge since the upgrades added a longer lifespan to the bridge.

Public works will move forward with contract negotiations for the following contractors and projects:

  • Bartlett & West, Inc. for the Winkler Mills Rd. Bridge Replacement Project
  • Benesch for the West 32nd Ave. Bridge Replacement Project
  • BG Consultants for the Rosehill Rd. Bridge Replacement Project and the Senn Rd. Bridge Replacement Project
  • Schwab-Eaton, P.A. for the Fancy Creek Rd. Bridge Replacement Project, the South Otter Rd. Bridge Replacement Project and the Parallel Rd. Box Culvert Replacement Project.
  • SMH Consultants for the Flat Rock Rd. Box Culvert Replacement Project and the Union Rd. Box Culvert Replacement Project

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