Common Core And Fieldhouse Topics For Intergovernmental Group

Eddie Eastes

Eddie Eastes

A proposed fieldhouse project was discussed by intergovernmental leaders Monday, with the city of Manhattan bringing the item up. City Manager Ron Fehr and Mayor John Matta talked about getting several governmental groups together on the matter, especially on a tournament front.
Manhattan Parks and Recreation Director Eddie Eastes was quiet during much of the discussion,but finally spoke up, saying he’d seen a lot of plans as he was cleaning out his office recently. He says while he’s glad they’re talking about it again, he hopes it’s not just another plan that gathers dust. There’s been talk of having the Recreation and Parks Advisory Board in on the process.
Mayor Matta also mentioned plans to have Junction City involved in the process also. Matta indicates he thought the group was very receptive.

Riley County officials encouraged the group not to forget about county projects that have already been invested in, such as Fairmont Park.
Common Core standards continue to get a lot of attention, with a presentation made by  USD 383’s Executive Director of Learning and teaching at Monday’s intergovernmental meeting. Carol Adams was pleased by the group’s response, although there were some questions. 

Adams expressed concerns about decisions at the state level to leave the consortium for common core–but says 383 has officially adopted the standards and intends to pursue them…
Adams said in her 38 years of teaching, she has worked with different standards but likes what these standards do.She also went over alleged myths such as allegations it is a national program, tells teachers what to teach, and tells what curriculum must be used–and tried to clarify the effort is state-led while involving a National Association of Governors–and says there’s still control at the local level.
 An sled hill in Manhattan came up at Monday’s intergovernmental meeting. Deputy City Manager Jason Hilgers suggested to the group that with the city’s storm drainage project at CICO Park, there might be a way to make that happen.
Hilgers says it’s a hill a lot of families in the community use for sledding in the winter months, but he admits there are some challenges and safety issues, with people going up the same path others are coming down on. And he wonders if all that moved dirt and trees could help in the process of making it safer….
Currently the county does provide some protective padding on trees–but again, nothing official.
The intergovernmental group includes representatives from not only the city, but also Riley County, USD 383, Kansas State, Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce,Fort Riley.and legislative representatives.

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