Copple: Frustration mounting from health care officials over vaccine hesitancy


At least one local health care leader is growing frustrated with a lack of trust of professionals regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ascension Via Christi – Manhattan President and CEO Bob Copple says physicians are giving advice on a number healthcare issues, but still have patients not listening to expert advice when it comes to COVID.

      Bob Copple

Copple says it is better to get medical information from a professional in the community, rather than a stranger on the internet. For him personally, Copple says he has had conversations with his staff about the social justice teachings of solidarity and the common good.

      Bob Copple 2

Via Christi’s mission statement speaks to caring for the disadvantaged, which Copple says has been redefined over the past 15 months.

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Copple says now the group of unvaccinated people are part of that expansion. He asks how they can help this group and talk with them by explaining and answering their questions. Copple says he wants to show them the value of getting the vaccine.

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Copple says he and his team re struggling to understand why people don’t care this is happening to patients.

With the current number of the population not vaccinated and the rise of the delta variant, local hospitals are becoming overwhelmed with patients.

Copple says the number of hospitalizations in the state is increasing, causing a shortage of beds and transfers throughout the region.

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Copple says the hospital is now caring for a much younger population than what was seen during the majority of the past 15 months. The oldest person in the intensive care unit last week was 61, and the youngest on a ventilator was 29.

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Copple says there are those in the community who are also immune comprised, which make up a good portion of the county.

You can hear the full interview with Copple in the In Focus tab on the On Demand page.


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