County Commissioners Approve Bid from Larson Construction



At Thursday’s Riley County Commissioners Meeting,  a bid was approved for the Lakeside Heights Sewer Benefit District. Residents around the area are pushing for the project because of inadequate spacing for lateral fields when the developments were first put in during the 1960’s. Currently the district has three residents who want to tie in to  University Heights Sewer district. Karen McCulloh, County Commissioner, says this will enable more houses to be built in the area.

Larson Construction was the only group bidding on the project. Their base bid was $49,428 which was considerably less than the $59,280 cost projected by the engineers. This Ten Thousand dollar decrease made the approval a very easy decision.

Also during the meeting, Dennis Patterson, Noxious Weed Director, gave a staff report discussing their current task of snow removal. Patterson also discussed a project on Wildcat Creek saying they were able to get about a week and a half’s worth of work done before the first snow storm rolled in.

Patterson discussed a contract with KDOT stating the county is responsible for treating their Noxious Weeds. He stated the contract would reimburse the county $4377.12 which is lower than previous year showing the treatments are working. The contract was ultimately approved by the commission.

Clancy Holeman, Director of Administrative Services, discussed the final touches to the MPO language which seems to be falling into place. Holeman stated they have the final version of the fiscal agreement but are still waiting on the final version of the designation agreement.



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