Deputies slain in courthouse remembered as ‘heroes’ at joint service


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KANSAS CITY — A Kansas sheriff is remembering two sheriff’s deputies who were fatally shot by an inmate as “true heroes.”

The Kansas City Star reports that Wyandotte County Sheriff Don Ash said Thursday during a joint service for Theresa King and Patrick Rohrer that they “literally put their lives between a cold-blooded killer and the citizens they swore an oath to protect.”

The deputies were buried Thursday following a joint service at 9 a.m. at Children’s Mercy Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

Authorities say an inmate apparently overpowered the deputies last Friday in a gated area behind the courthouse and shot them, possibly with one of their own guns. Rohrer, who was 35 and was the father of two, died shortly after the shooting. King, who was 44 and had three children, died the next day.

Authorities haven’t released the suspect’s name. He also was shot and hasn’t yet been charged.


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