Dewatering underway as U.S. Army Corps prepares for periodic inspection at Tuttle Creek Lake


The stilling basin at the base of the dam at Tuttle Creek Lake. (Brandon Peoples/KMAN)

Dewatering is underway at the stilling basin below the dam at Tuttle Creek Lake.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began work Friday in preparations of it’s 5-year periodic inspection. Outflows at the lake were dropped to zero along with the subsequent lowering of the River Pond. It will remain that way for three weeks. Until then, releases are expected to continue with a target lake elevation of 1,078 feet above sea level.

The purpose of the periodic inspection is to ensure ongoing structural stability, safety and operational adequacy of the dam and related structures, assuring they are in compliance with federal regulations.

Public closure of the stilling basin (the “tubes”) and the east side of the Outlet Park remain in effect due to ongoing construction supporting rehabilitation of the stilling basin. Offiicals say the inspection won’t impact construction, which will continue.

Access to the River Pond area of Tuttle Creek State Park remains available across the top of the dam off Hwy 13. The western side of the Outlet Park, located off Tuttle Creek Blvd. remains open to view dewater activities from a distance.


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