District may have electrifying opportunity

A Westar Energy substation may soon be coming to the campus of Manhattan Area Technical College and that means more opportunities for dual-credit students at Manhattan High School. MATC president Jim Genandt approached the board with two Westar representatives at Wednesday nights’ meeting. Westar Energy would like to purchase a plot of land from the college in order to build a new power substation, but due to a legal partnership with the district, MATC needs permission from the district before any final sale is approved.
The property, located at the corner of Dickens avenue and Seth Child boulevard, sits in an ideal place for Westar. In return for the land Westar would pay MATC and also enhance the existing electrical and lineman programs at the college.
“Having the substation on campus, it becomes a learning tool for our students,” Genandt said. “It adds to the value of our program.”
Genandt noted many graduates of the MATC program enter the workforce earning more than $40,000 after their first year of work. The board did not take any action, but members all agreed they had no objections should the final sale come to fruition soon.
In a little over two months community members will gather inside the Rezac auditorium at Manhattan High to make their voices heard on a subject which continues to flare up: the Manhattan High School mascot. President Marcia Rozell spoke with board members about the logistics of an upcoming public comment session on November 30. Given the controversial nature and range of emotions, Rozell and the board noted order and fairness would be priorities as the public would be allowed to voice their opinions. Some board members talked about imposing a time limit on the forum, although members Dave Colburn and Aaron Estabrook said they were willing to stay until everyone who wanted to speak had taken their turn.
The board also heard many reports on matters including transfer students, overtime pay and the adult learning program.

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