DoD budget “Change is in the Wind”


“High Speed, Low Drag” is a common saying in the military, and the new U.S.  Department of Defense budget for 2015 seems to be taking a cue from its meaning as it calls for a slimmer military force relying more on technology to do the heavy lifting.

Kansas Governor’s Military Council Executive Director John Armbrust says the plan also assumes a toning down of the military’s operation tempo with the withdrawal of military forces from deployments.

Armbrust says a focus on technology is driving a smaller forecast of manpower requirements.  However, Armbrust says the budget will have to change as it moves through the process, and take into consideration such items as possible sustained sequestration cuts. The turmoil in Crimea is also seen as a possible factor as the nation continues to assess the military’s budget as it moves forward.

John Armbrust

John Armbrust


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