Expenditure Reports for Elections Are In


Campaign receipt and expenditure reports were due the first of this week, with numbers gradually coming in. Many started this reporting period of July through October with quite a bit of cash on hand.

The 22nd Senate race featuring Tom Hawk and Bob Reader shows Hawk with $33,280.25 in contributions, with expenditures of $15,822.48. Reader looks to have received $74,106.00 in contribution, with his expenditures landing at $56.060.01.

Of these two candidates, only Reader began this reporting period with any cash on hand with $4,608.72.

Those running for the State Representative 51st District were no exception to having cash on hand when they started as candidate Ron Highland had $1,459.48 and Richard Pikul started with $528.54.

Highland had $10,672.00 in contribution, expending $6,469.31.  Pikul had $3,980.00 in total contributions with his expenditures ending at $2,929.01.

State house races show Sydney Carlin in the 66th district with $16,923.00 in contributions this reporting period, and expenditures of $24,248.14. Cash in hand at the end of this last reporting period is $14,879.68.

Canidate Lee Modesitt ended the period with $2,188.63 on hand, receiving $17,755.00 in contributions and expending $20,946.73.

In the 67th District, Tom Phillips has received far more in contributions and spent more than his opponent. The latest report filed Monday shows Phillips received $21,592.92 in contributions and spent $10,371.51. Aaron Estabrook had $3,795.00 in contributions, spending $4,653.68.

Phillips also started off the reporting period with a bit more cash on hand, reporting $7,157.80 as Estabrook had $1,627.00.

In the Riley County commission District two race, Robert Boyd had $4,700.00 in contributions and expended $5,435.89. He started off the reporting period with $1,717.53 cash on hand.

His opponent Scott Seel started off with $663.89 cash on hand, receiving $1,432.00 in contributions and spending $1,526.23.

In the Riley County commission District three race, candidate Ron Wells has received a bit more in contributions over his oppenent but not by much.

Wells started the reporting period off with $2,653.65 cash on hand, receiving $4,530.00 in total contributions and expending $5,642.80.

Oppenent Rod Harms started off with $1,958.03 cash on hand, getting $3,990.00 in total contributions and spending $5,392.56.


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