FCC Finds Pirate Radio Station in Manhattan


KMAN news has confirmed the unlawful operation of a pirate radio station in Manhattan in recent days.

Ron Ramage, District Director of the Federal Communications Office in Kansas City confirmed to KMAN the FCC was in Manhattan Thursday investigating a reported pirate radio station, with a complaint coming from local citizens. The station was operating on the frequency 88.3 FM.

Manhattan Broadcasting has ascertained through sources, the pirate radio station was rebroadcasting from an online radio station known as the Republic Broadcasting Network.

The program is described as anti-government, with mention of alleged national and global conspiracies. The location of the broadcast was reportedly coming from Central Manhattan on Fremont Street. The investigation into the matter continues.

Ramage had no comment on what the penalty would be, but such unlawful operation could result in a fine of $10,000 to $20,000.


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