February Sales Tax Numbers

Bernie Hayen

Bernie Hayen

Manhattan Finance Director, Bernie Hayen called the February sales tax results “nothing but good news”.

$953,328 were collected in sales tax receipts, for the city of Manhattan, this month.  This is up from last year’s February collections of $887,230.  This is a 4.7% increase from the net change in year-to-date for 2014 over 2013.  The City of Manhattan had forecasted $904,975 in taxes for the month, so collections were $48,353 above what was expected.
TIF, or tax increment finance, taxes are down from this time last year.  In February of 2013, $75,870 were collected, while this month’s taxes only reached $64,188.  This number is also down from last month’s $67,482 in TIF taxes.

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