Fence Approved for Law Enforcement Center


Riley-County-Commission-office1The idea of adding a fence around a portion of the Alvan D. Johnson Law Enforcement Center was proposed during a previous Riley County Commission meeting.  Many individuals going to and from work release have created an unwanted footpath through the grass outside the center.  This fence would block those individuals off so they stop cutting through that area.

Police Lieutenant, Josh Kyle brought pictures and statistics forward during Thursday’s commission meeting.  The pictures indicated the depth of the footpath that has been created and showed a vehicle that had been keyed as a result of individuals passing by the lot.  Kyle explained, “if the path continues, it is likely that grass will never grow back in that area”.

Two different types of fencing were researched and presented to the commission.  The first type of fence is a standard chain link fence that would cost roughly $7,380.  This fence would do the job, but would also not be very appealing to the eye.  For that reason, a decorative fence was proposed as well.  This fence would provide a better visual look, but would cost nearly $18,787.

Commissioner, Karen McCulloh said “we need to be frugal, and for all we know, that picture of the keyed vehicle could have happened anywhere”.

The commission approved the addition of a chain link fence on a 2-1 vote (McCulloh opposed) and this project will come out of the Law Enforcement Center Maintenance Fund.

Another item was approved at the meeting as well.  Emergency Management Director, Pat Collins came before the commission to request the donation of surplus equipment to Forestry.

This request was approved unanimously.

County Counselor, Clancy Holeman brought forward the “Flint Hills Metropolitan Planning Organization Designation Agreement for Cooperative Transportation Planning”.  The agreement is not yet set and stone, but the goal for the document is to formulate the MPO Policy Board.

The commission also heard updates from County Extension Director, Jennifer Wilson, County Police Department Director, Brad Schoen and Riley County 4-H Extension Agent, Kristen Garcia.


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