FHVC launching audio tour app; America Rocks MHKS


The Flint Hills Veteran’s Coalition is making it easier for people to learn about the historic locations around the community.

Christine Benne, FHVC Secretary, tells KMAN they are launching a new app that will help expand the Manhattan Veterans Audio Tour initiative started by Wynn Butler. She says the app will be really simple to use.

“All you’ll have to do is click on the monument, all the different areas in Manhattan,” Benne adds. “Then read about it, go see it. It’s just a really neat thing to do, especially with Memorial Day coming up.”

Chuck Sexton, FHVC President, says the Flint Hills area is full of history and this is a way for the younger people to get involved.

“It emphasizes the rich history that, specifically Manhattan in this case, but the people of the Flint Hills have,” Sexton says.

The app will be launching in coordination with VE Day on May 8. Once it launches you can find it in the app store by searching “My Audio Tour” or visiting the FHVC Facebook page and clicking on the link.

With a focus on patriotic outreaches to the younger people, FHVC is also beginning an initiative called America Rocks MKHS. Melody Sexton, Publicity Director, says while the initiative is targeted at younger people it is really everyone who wants to get out.

“We will be painting some rocks and we are going to hide them in different parks around Manhattan,” Melody Sexton says. “They have patriotic themes, which is broadly defined. It’s basically we are painting pictures on rocks of things that we think are really great and make us really proud about America.”

She adds that there will be 52 rocks in total that will be hid in parks around the community. She says it is a great way to get everyone out to enjoy the weather and show patriotism.

“We will have a little thing on the back with our Facebook page, ‘America Rocks MHKS’, and we’ll want them to post those pictures of the rocks on there that they found. I think it will be really fun, I’ve seen this in other communities and it’s really just a great little thing to do with the weather turning nice.”

For details on when and where rocks are hidden, visit the new Facebook page America Rocks MHKS.


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