Fire crews to start hydrant flushing this week


Fire hydrants around the Manhattan community will be painted and flushed out starting this week, according to a Monday release.

The Manhattan Fire Department does this annually. The purpose of flowing is to clear out the water lines and ensure the hydrants are functioning as they should.

Residents are advised not to drive or ride bikes through the water flows and that children should not play in them either. Officials say water flowing from hydrants can come out at high pressures and has the potential to cause damage to vehicles or injure people.

According to the release, residents may notice yellow or rust colored water coming from your faucets after a recent hydrant flow in your area. Officials advise running water in a bathtub or shower for a few minutes until the water runs clear. If water does not clear up after running the faucets, residents should contact the Fire Department at (785) 587-4502 or the City of Manhattan Customer Service Office at (785) 587-2480.


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