Fort Riley museums to close temporarily for major renovation


The Fort Riley museum complex, which includes the U.S. Cavalry and 1st Infantry Division museums, will close for a renovation beginning Monday, Jan. 15. During the closure, Fort Riley will establish a temporary museum located at 247 Cameron Ave. That facility is scheduled to open by the end of March.

The Fort Riley Museum Gift Shop will remain open in its current location until the temporary site is ready to open.

The main museum buildings will be closed for at least two years during the renovation project, which includes updating lighting and technology and redesigning the display spaces. A third building in the complex will also be renovated to provide classroom space. The project is funded by the U.S. Army Center of Military History and has been designed to preserve and highlight the historic structure of the museum buildings.

The temporary museum location will feature the “Duty First: 100 years of the Big Red One” exhibit, which was recently on display at the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan.

Visitors to Fort Riley who don’t have a Department of Defense ID card must stop by the Henry Gate visitor’s center off I-70 to get a temporary pass to the installation. For complete details, visit and click on the yellow “Accessing Fort Riley” button.


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