Fort Riley preparing soldiers for work after service, tax preparation


Fort Riley held a ribbon cutting for its tax preparation center which officially begins work Jan. 23. (Courtesy photo)

FORT RILEY — Career Skills Coordinator, Kelly Castiano and prior service member of the Army, talks about the Career Skills Program during KMAN’s In Focus Thursday to tell us how Soldiers can get plugged into the program.


The Career Skills Program at Fort Riley is a growing program that is available Army-wide and helps Soldiers become trained and then gain employment before they finish their military service. To get the process going, Soldiers can meet with Castiano to get the required paperwork and she will help you answer any question you have.

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Soldiers can be involved in programs that link them with companies in Kansas or anywhere that they plan to go in the United States after their service with the Army. Recruiters from various companies visit Fort Riley regularly to talk about the programs available.

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There are five programs currently on Fort Riley and over 163 programs on other bases. The various programs offer guaranteed employment so that Soldiers do not have to worry about what they will do after their Army service.

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The Career Skills Program is partnering with KansasWorks and local colleges to provide training and employment for Soldiers when their military service is over.

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Castiano says that the Fort Riley CSP is talking to various employers around the area and would be pleased to work with any business interested to train and then hire veterans.

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Additionally, Fort Riley’s Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program “SFL-TAP” is a growing program available Army-wide and helps soldiers become trained and gain employment before they finish their military service.

SFL-TAP replaces the Army Career and Alumni Program, or ACAP. Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program Adviser, Master Sergeant Jason Snell says the program sets up Soldiers for the best possible transition between military service and a new career after completion of their service.

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Army leadership is taking time to make sure Soldiers are prepared to transition from military service to civilian employment.

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For soldiers preparing to file taxes in the coming weeks, there is also a beneficial opportunity coming available later in January.

Captain Joshua Goetting from the Fort Riley Legal Assistance Office joined KMAN’s In Focus program to talk about the services available to Department of Defense personnel.

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The tax preparation services of Fort Riley will begin on January 23, 2019. The service is available to Department of Defense ID holders who are active duty, retirees and their dependents.

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Tax preparation begins Jan. 23. Hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Appointments are encouraged but walk-ins are accepted until 5 p.m. The tax center is located at Fort Riley in building 7034, at the corner of Bullard and Normandy Streets.


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