“Furniture Amnesty is a Win Win for the Community”


On Friday furniture of all shapes and sizes filled the northern parking space at Manhattan City Park.  Organizers say there has been a steady stream of folks dropping off items all throughout the morning.

Amid the tables, chairs, and couches workers diligently organize items as they come in and go out.  There has been such an enthusiastic response that the team has had to develop a time allotment system based on order of sign up, and mark those folks picking up with a color coded wristband.

Tommy Larkins is a soldier in the 1/5 Field Artillery on Fort Riley.  He is a B.O.S.S. representative for Delta Battery, and he says as an active duty soldier it is a great experience to come out and give back to the community.  The program is driven by volunteers like Larkin, and other community members wanting to lend a hand… or a table.

The project was formed as a partnership between the City of Manhattan, and the K-State Good Neighbors program.  Community members are able to bring their slightly used furniture to the park (or have it picked up by volunteers), and the items are then redistributed to those in need.

After 4 pm organizers plan to open up the holding area for all comers to shop till they drop.


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