Geary County Arrests and Bonds


Geary Coutnty Sheriff Badge 

Status reports released by the Geary County sheriff’s department Thursday indicate several arrests and bond amounts, apparently connected with last week’s crack/cocaine arrests involving the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and area law enforcement agencies. One name in particular stands out—with Anthony Thompson, 31, of Manhattan facing more than 70 drug-related charges, with bond set at $500,000. Albert Banks, 31, of Ogden faces at least a couple dozen charges, and a $250,000 bond. About 10 other people are listed on the report with drug-related offenses during the couple days’ of arrests, with bonds of $100,000.

In unrelated cases, Jordan Young faces a $250,00 bond on a variety of aggravated indecent liberties charges. And Martye Madkins’ has a bond of $250,000 on firearms and drug distribution charges. Paul Goodman is charged with aggravated human trafficking, rape, and distribution of child pornography with a $250,000 bond.


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