Gubernatorial Candidate Stops in Manhattan

Cathy Dawes and Paul Davis; Photo by Laura Monsanto

Cathy Dawes and Paul Davis; Photo by Laura Monsanto


Election season is here, and gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis says his campaign is in full swing as he travels around the state. Davis also serves as State House Minority Leader, and was in the area Thursday to address a number of groups. Davis made stops at the Association of School Superintendents’ meeting in Manhattan, the Kansas Farm Bureau, the Wamego Hospital, and in Junction City.
 Davis says all across the state, both in rural and urban areas, people are concerned about public schools–with cuts he attributes to the Brownback administration. Davis says he’s also hearing a lot of concerns about the increased costs people are having bear to live in this state right now, with property and sales taxes going up. Health care concerns also are brought up during his campaign stops around the state.
And the state budget has folks talking, according to Davis. Davis predicts the state will be well into the red in the next fiscal year, and he predicts over the next five years the state will be in the red well over a billion dollars at the rate things are going.
Davis says he’s enjoying the opportunity to hear from Kansans regarding what they’re concerned about.

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