Gunman Receives Sentence in Manhattan Murder


Throughout the year, the investigation has continued over the murder of Steve Freele, 31.

During that time, the suspected shooter, an accomplise and others involved in connected robberies have seen trails and decisions.

Last month, 20 year old Michael Layne accepted a plea agreement for the 2nd degree murder of Freele.

This week, Layne received his sentence.

Judge Meryl Wilson sentenced Layne to 165 months for the murder charge, 61 months for aggrevated robbery and 61 months for kidnapping all to be served consecutivly totally 287 months in prison.

During the sentencing, Freele’s sister, Lisa Freele gave a tearful address to the court and to Layne, himself painting a picture of the “man {Freele} was”.

This comes after the sentencing of 42 year old Domingo Soto how was sentenced to life in prison on Monday for aiding and abetting first degree murder.


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