High school basketball “Tournament Week” schedule


Below are the local teams and local league teams competing in tournaments the week of January 14th-19th. All Manhattan games will be heard on 1350 KMAN and on newsradiokman.com. On Saturday January 19th, a full recap of the games played earlier in the week and a preview of the Saturday championship games can be heard on Scoreboard Saturday at 8:00 AM on 1350 KMAN with Mason Voth.

Local Teams and Tournament:
(All games listed in order that they appear on tournament bracket)

Manhattan Indians @ McPherson Invitational Tournament 
All Games at McPherson High School Roundhouse
Lawrence Free State 61 Mill Valley 44
Shawnee Mission East 67 Manhattan 65
Shawnee Heights 49
Wichita West 47
McPherson 70 Blue Valley West 65

Riley County Falcons @ Boys Trojan Classic (Hillsboro)
1st Round

Riley County 46 Clay Center 34
Hillsboro 66
Remington 27
Hesston 54 Republic County 34
Holcomb 55 Eureka 26

2nd Round
Riley County vs Hillsboro 7:30 PM Thursday
Hesston vs Holcomb 4:30 PM Thursday
Clay Center vs Remington 7:30 PM Thursday
Republic County vs Eureka 4:30 PM Thursday

Girls Trojan Classic
1st Round

Clay Center 39 Holcomb 26
Riley County 52 Remington 35
Hesston 38 Republic County 26
Eureka 67 Hillsboro 38

2nd Round
Clay Center vs Riley County 3:00 PM Thursday
Hesston vs Eureka 6:00 PM Thursday
Holcomb vs Remington 3:00 PM Thursday
Hillsboro vs Republic County 6:00 PM Thursday

Rock Creek Mustangs @ Burlington Invitational Tournament

Sabetha 52 Labette Co. 40
Rock Creek 67 Caney Valley 71
Independence 59 Prairie View 49
Burlington 55 Paola 34

2nd Round
Sabetha vs Caney Valley 5:05 Thursday
Independence vs Burlington 8:15 Thursday
Labette County vs Rock Creek 5:05 Thursday
Prairie View vs Paola 8:15 Thursday


Labette Co. 47 Prairie View 28
Sabetha 57 Caney Valley 24
Burlington 41 Rock Creek 39
Independence 45 Paola 51

2nd Round
Labette County vs Sabetha 3:30 Thursday
Burlington vs Paola 6:40 Thursday
Rock Creek vs Independence 6:40 Thursday
Prairie View vs Caney Valley 3:30 Thursday

Wamego Red Raiders @ Tonganoxie Invitational

1st Round
Bonner Springs 84 DeSoto 58
Metro Academy 47 Tonganoxie 56
Olathe West 75 Maranatha Christian 54
Eudora 61 Wamego 53

2nd Round
Bonner Springs 46 Tonganoxie 33
Eudora 61 Olathe West 59
Wamego 63 Maranatha Christian 72
DeSoto 64 Metro Academy 44

3rd Round-Friday
Championship: Bonner Springs vs Eudora 7:30 PM
3rd Place: Tonganoxie vs Olathe West 4:30 PM
5th Place: Maranatha Christian vs DeSoto 7:30 PM
7th Place: Wamego vs Metro Academy 4:30 PM


Metro Academy 33 Bonner Springs 46
Eudora 35 Wamego 37
Sumner Academy 44 Bishop Ward 45
DeSoto 46 Tonganoxie 15

2nd Round
Bonner Springs vs Wamego 6:00 PM Thursday
Bishop Ward vs DeSoto 7:30 PM Thursday
Sumner Academy vs Tonganoxie 4:30 PM Thursday
Metro Academy vs Eudora 3:00 PM Thursday

3rd Round
Championship: Bonner Springs/Wamego vs Bishop Ward/DeSoto 6:00 PM Friday
3rd Place: Bonner Springs/Wamego vs Bishop Ward/DeSoto 3:00 PM Friday
5th Place: Sumner Academy/Tonganoxie vs Metro Academy/Eudora 6:00 PM Friday
7th Place: Sumner Academy/Tonganoxie vs Metro Academy/Eudora 3:00 PM Friday

Twin Valley League Tournament Girls, Monday-Thursday at Frankfort High School

Axtell 54 Washington Co. 50 F/OT
Clifton-Clyde 56 Onaga 12
Blue Valley 59 Linn 31
Valley Heights 56 Troy 26
Doniphan West 51 Wetmore 45

2nd Round Tuesday
Hanover 44 Axtell 35
Clifton-Clyde 54 Blue Valley 41
Valley Heights 35 Centralia 36
Frankfort 66 Doniphan West 25

3rd Round Wednesday
Hanover 60
Clifton Clyde 41
Frankfort 52 Centralia 51
Consolation games to be played throughout the week:
Axtell 40
Blue Valley 34
Valley Heights 49 Doniphan West 39
Washington Co. vs Onaga
Onaga 23 Linn 30
Washington Co. vs Wetmore
Troy vs Wetmore
Linn vs Troy
Championship Rounds Thursday:
Championship: Hanover vs Frankfort 6:00 PM
3rd Place: Clifton-Clyde vs Centralia 4:00 PM
5th Place: Axtell vs Valley Heights
7th Place: Blue Valley vs Doniphan West

Twin Valley League Tournament Boys, Monday-Thursday

Valley Heights 60 Wetmore 28
Washington Co. 68 Doniphan West 30
Centralia 57 Onaga 34
Axtell 61 Troy 51
Clifton-Clyde 61 Linn 26

2nd Round Tuesday
Hanover 67 Valley Heights 44
Washington County 65 Centralia 68
Blue Valley 69 Axtell 51
Frankfort 33 Clifton-Clyde 50 

3rd Round Wednesday
Hanover 55
Centralia 41
Blue Valley 40 Clifton-Clyde 52
Consolation Games:
Washington County vs Valley Heights
Frankfort vs Axtell
Wetmore 39 Doniphan West 37
Wetmore vs Troy
Doniphan West 44 Onaga 31
Linn vs Troy
Onaga vs Linn

Final Round-Thursday
Championship: Hanover vs Clifton-Clyde 7:30 PM
3rd Place: Centralia vs Blue Valley
5th Place: Valley Heights vs Axtell
7th Place: Washington County vs Frankfort


Wabaunsee Chargers & Chapman Irish @ Panther Classic (Royal Valley)


Wednesday January 16th
Chapman 50 Wabaunsee 30
Royal Valley 46 Santa Fe Trail 54
Thursday January 17th
Santa Fe Trail vs Chapman 5:00 PM
Royal Valley vs Wabaunsee 8:00 PM
Friday January 18th
Wabaunsee vs Santa Fe Trail 1:30 PM
Royal Valley vs Chapman 4:30 PM


Wednesday January 16th
Chapman 39 Wabaunsee 62
Royal Valley 49 Santa Fe Trail 29
Thursday January 17th
Santa Fe Trail vs Chapman 3:30 PM
Royal Valley vs Wabaunsee 6:30 PM
Friday January 18th
Wabaunsee vs Santa Fe Trail 12:00 PM
Royal Valley vs Chapman 3:00 PM

Abilene Cowboys/Cowgirls & Concordia Panthers @ Salina Invitational Tournament
Friday and Saturday: consolation games played at Salina South, winners games played at Mabee Arena (KWU)


Abilene 51Salina South 65
Andover 52
Buhler 41
Salina Central 69 Concordia 23
Liberal 49 Wichita South 61


Liberal 51 Wichita West 29
Buhler 35 Salina South 36
Abilene 45 Andover 53
Salina Central 64 Concordia 31

Silver Lake Eagles @ McLouth Invitational


Maur Hill Mount Academy 76 Cair Paravel 51 (Bracket Game)
Silver Lake vs Hiawatha 7:45 PM Tuesday (Bracket Game)

Jefferson West 68 Riverside 38 Monday (Pool Play)
McLouth vs Jefferson West 7:30 PM Tuesday (Pool Play)
McLouth vs Riverside 7:30 PM Thursday (Pool Play)
Finals Schedule
3rd Place Pool vs 3rd Place Bracket 7:45 PM Friday
2nd Place Pool vs 2nd Place Bracket 1:00 PM Saturday
1st Place Pool vs 1st Place Bracket 4:00 PM Saturday

Girls (all bracket play)

Jefferson West 91 Bishop Seabury 8 Monday
Silver Lake vs Maur Hill Mt. Academy 6:15 PM Tuesday
McLouth vs KC Christian 6:00 PM Tuesday
Cair Paravel 40 Riverside 37

Other Centennial League Teams

Highland Park Scots, Topeka West Chargers, Topeka Hayden Wildcats and Topeka High Trojans @ Topeka Invitational (Topeka West HS)

Wichita SE vs Highland Park 8:30 PM Thursday
Lawrence vs Topeka West 6:45 PM Thursday
Wichita East vs Topeka Hayden 5:00 PM Thursday
KC Washington vs Topeka High 3:15 PM Thursday

Washburn Rural Junior Blues @ Bobcat Invitational Tournament (Basehor-Linwood HS)


Washburn Rural 61 Holton 22
Raytown South 61 Ottawa 66
KC Piper 63 St. Joe Central 58
Basehor-Linwood 67 Barstow 49

2nd Round-Thursday
Washburn Rural 57 Ottawa 36
KC Piper 49 Basehor-Linwood 47

3rd Round-Friday
Championship: Washburn Rural vs KC Piper 7:30
3rd Place: Ottawa vs Basehor-Linwood 4:30
5th Place: Holton/Raytown South vs Barstow/St. Joe Central 7:30
7th Place: Holton/Raytown South vs Barstow/St. Joe Central 4:30

Junction City Blue Jays @ Dodge City Tournament of Champions
Dodge City vs Hutchinson 7:00 PM Thursday
Junction City vs Derby 2:00 PM Thursday
Shawnee Mission South vs Wichita North 3:30 PM Thursday
Bishop Carroll vs Newton 8:30 PM Thursday


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