In Focus 1/10/19


Thursday’s show featured Fort Riley and UFM Community Learning Center.

Segment 1 – Capt. Joshua Goetting, Fort Riley Legal Assistance Office to discuss the opening of the Tax Assistance Center at Fort Riley Jan. 23.

      0110 IF BR1 1

Segment 2 – Kelly Castiano, Career Skills Program Coordinator and Master Sgt. Jason Snell spoke about the Career Skills Programs and Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program at Fort Riley.

      0110 BR1 2

Segment 3 – Kayla Savage with UFM Community Learning Center highlighted the spring non-credit course catalog.

      0110 IF UFM 1

Segment 4 – Linda Teener with UFM Community Learning Center spoke about the Manhattan Community Gardens and an upcoming deadline to request a plot for 2019.

      0110 IF UFM 2

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