In Focus 1/11/19


Friday’s show included Dr. Neala Boyer from the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine discussing a look ahead to spring pet safety from dental health to thunderstorm phobias and preventing fleas and ticks.

      0111-IF KSU Vet Med

Dr. Art DeGroat, Lt. Colonel (Retired), Executive Director of Military and Veterans Affairs & Director of K-State Military Affairs Innovation Center joined us along with Dr. Bradley Harrison with Manhattan Primary Care for a discussion on a new TMS therapy treatment to help combat PTSD and suicide in veterans.

      0111 IF DeGroat

Our final two segments included a preview of events surrounding Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Manhattan with MLK Memorial Committee members Kevin Bryant (co-chair), Rachel Shivers (secretary), Kaitlin Long (HandsOn K-State) and Robin Edmunds (co-chair of the art & writing contest)

      0111 IF MLK 1
      0111 IF MLK 2

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