In Focus 10/7/21 – NBAF officials; Gen. Perry Wiggins


Thursday’s program gave us a chance to hear from officials at the National Bio and Agro Defense Facility. The program featured Quality Assurance Manager Veronica Fris, speaking about checkpoints for quality that will exist once NBAF is fully functional. NBAF Coordinator Dr. Ken Burton and Communications Director Katie Pawlosky also spoke to the ongoing phased transition and how leadership is working to establish a culture that encourages people to speak up about concerns.

      1007 NBAF 1
      1007 NBAF 2

We also chatted with the Governor’s Military Council Executive Director Lt. Gen (ret.) Perry Wiggins about the government’s continuing resolution, the defense budget and concerns about cyber security and cyber attacks.

      1007 Wiggins 1
      1007 Wiggins 2

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