In Focus 5/6/19


Monday’s In Focus guests included Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jack Allston discussing a workforce crisis event coming up in Manhattan.

      0506-Allston ECODEVO 1
      0506-Allston ECODEVO 2

Segment three featured Flint Hills Discovery Center Events Supervisor Jonathan Mertz discussing the upcoming Flint Hills Festival on May 11 at Blue Earth Plaza. We also chatted with T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter Director Deb Watkins who brought in 3-week old kitten C-3PO who is currently available for adoption.

      0506 IF MPRD 1

Segment four featured more with Manhattan Parks & Recreation Department with Aquatics Specialist Sydni Baker, Arts and Humanities Supervisor Zach Bayless and Community Relations Officer Melissa Kirkwood.

      0506 IF MPRD 2



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