Independent Candidate Announces Senate Bid


Kansas has a new candidate running for U.S. Senate and that’s Greg Orman of Olathe.

“I’m running for the United State Senate as an independent.” Orman said “I believe the time’s come for a new American Revolution, this time at the ballot box, and it can begin this year in Kansas.”

Orman believes his experience as a business owner for the past twenty-plus years, qualifies him to represent Kansans.

“I’ve had to deal with rising healthcare costs. I’ve had to deal with balancing budgets, a complex tax code, overlapping government regulations. All sorts of things that I think folks in Washington today just talk about, I’ve actually had to live and had to be able to work in that environment and solve problems,” Orman said.

If elected, Orman wants to solve what he calls the “New American Paradox.”

“It’s harder than ever for the average American to get ahead, and yet paradoxically, easier to do nothing with your life,” Orman said. “The problem with solving with that paradox is that the Republicans don’t seem to want to acknowledge the first part of the paradox and the Democrats don’t want to acknowledge the second part.”

Orman plans to work with his colleagues to restore the American Dream by making what he calls “smart” investments in people instead of making investments that promote dependency and complacency.

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