InFocus 10/29/13


On today’s InFocus, Cathy begins with breaking news as the plea came in for the Matthew Wilson trial.  Cathy then turns her attention to District commissioner Dr. James Gardner, Ryan Pickett, District Execuitve of Boy Scouts, Konza District, Coronado Area Council, and Tom Neill, Fall Roundup and Area Exploring Chair.  Then Vern Henrichs, CEO of Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, stops in.  Dr. Briana Nelson Goff, Director of Institute for the Health and Security of Military Families and Prof. of School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State, comes in to talk about the LIONESS Screening and Panel Discussion.

Matthew Wilson Plea and Dr. James Gardner, Ryan Pickett, and Tom Neill

Vern Henrichs

Dr. Briana Nelson Goff


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