Jenkins Votes to Delay ObamaCare

Rep. Lynn Jenkins, who opposes a plan from the state legislature to place Manhattan in the 1st District.

Rep. Lynn Jenkins

U.S. Representative for Kansas’s 2nd District, Lynn Jenkins voted to delay President Obama’s health care law for a full year, including all taxes, mandates and spending.  She made this vote late Saturday evening.

The bill also included a permanent repeal of ObamaCare’s job-killing medical device tax and a measure to pay out troops in the event of a government shutdown.

Jenkins commented, “The house continued to listen to the American people by taking action to keep the government open and delay all of the President’s health care law for one year.  The wheels are coming off of ObamaCare and I will keep fighting for hardworking, middle class families to get the same delay President Obama already gave big business, big unions, and big insurances”.


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