Jingle Bell Rock



The second G. Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock has been found!

Manhattan Broadcasting Company listeners Rhea, Casie, Dorrene and Rick pose with their winnings Monday afternoon at MBC. The group found the G. Thomas Jewelers, Manhattan Running Company Jingle Bell Rock at Northeast Community Park. (Staff photo by Brady Bauman)

Congratulations to Rhea, Casie, Dorrene and Rick, who found the Jingle Bell Rock in Northeast Community Park! Read their story here. View the clues below for an explanation of each clue that eventually led Rhea, Casie, Dorrene and Rick to the second Jingle Bell Rock.

Jingle Bell Rock One Clues:

Monday 12/1 – Clue #1

It’s time once again boys and girls who are not naughty, but nice,
To hide the old Rock, not just once, but now twice.
In order to make all things fair and Jingle Bell equal,
We’ll give clues for Rock one and then hide its sequel.
The rocks will be hidden one after the other not at the same time.

Monday 12/4 – Clue #2

Off like a shot on your Jingle Bell quest,
Make sure your search is Jingle Bell best.
New hunters and old on this holiday ride,
You only need to hunt places outside.
The Jingle Bell Rock will be hidden outside.

Tuesday 12/5 – Clue #3

Our holiday goal is for all to stay merry and bright,
So here’s a hint to keep your search in the right.
Watch those lines while you’re looking around,
Be wary of trespassing and stay on public ground.
The Jingle Bell Rock is hidden on public property.

Wednesday 12/6 – Clue #4

As the weather turns cold we finish setting the guides,
Just one more rule of which even Santa abides.
As you scour the land and set out to scout,
Do any damage during our search and you’re out.
Any damage to property disqualifies you from the contest. Be nice! It’s Christmas.

Thursday 12/7 – Clue #5

The rules are all set are you ready to play,
A first rock is snuggled and hidden away.
If ’twas the season or so it would seem,
Santa’s eight and Rudolph would make a team.
The eight tiny reindeer plus Rudolph is a team of 9. That’s enough to play a game of
baseball. There is a baseball field at Keats Park.

Friday 12/8 – Clue #6

A big winter weekend of Jingle Bell seeking,
A Christmas time quest in a manner of speaking.
Searching by ones or large joyous groups,
Take heed not to get stuck in holiday loops.
References the roundabout that you have to drive through on Anderson avenue on your
way to Keats Park.

Monday 12/11 – Clue #7

The finder of the rock has many friends who are impressed,
But you’ll never find it if you’ve only just guessed.
For just like the Jingle Bell legend keeps growing,
For you to find the Rock you must keep on going.
This clue lets you know that you must push the boundaries of the search, specifically
past the roundabout referenced in clue #6.

Tuesday 12/12 – Clue #8

Is your search hot, cold, or stuck in the middle,
All of the holiday fun is in solving the riddle.
This 12th of December holds more warm winter weather,
Just keep stacking up clues and they’ll all tie together.
This lets you know that the clues are in order to help you put clue 6 and 7 together to
get you on the right path to the park. “Tie together” is specific as the rock was hidden
among a stack of railroad ties in Keats Park.

Jingle Bell Rock Two Clues:

Clue 9 – Thursday 12/14

For the first time ever we start search number two,
Search number one ended in a place that was new.
The rules still apply this second time around,
Keep to land that’s public and your eyes on the ground.
This clue is a reminder that the rules are the same for the game. It’s also a throwback
to the first location which was also a park with a baseball field…that also “still applies”
this time around.

Clue 10 – Friday 12/15

On with the search and all parties are ready,
Smiling and happy like old cousin Eddie.
For search number two to work out for the best,
Take Rock number one and go no further west.
This clue draws a boundary to go no further west than rock number one, it also is a
reference to the location of the 2nd rock in that it was found a park with the opposite
direction in the name.

Clue 11 – Monday 12/18

The lines have been drawn for helping your chase,
Leading you closer to the Rock’s hiding place.
Keep being clever like Christmas foxes,
Always thinking outside all the boxes.
Northeast Community Park has not only a couple baseball fields where lines are
drawn, but several soccer fields with plenty of lines drawing boxes for the fields
themselves. The rock was located on the side of the park closer to the soccer fields.

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