Justice Center Stonework Design Chosen


Hard hats were donned as a field trip brought the Pottawatomie County Commissioners to the site of the mock-up wall, where the decision would be made as to what the new Justice Center would look like.

Three options were before the commission.  The first was to have coined stonework on three corners of the building a certain number of inches high.  The second to place on all corners.  The third was to keep the design as was presented in the bid documents.

After examining the designs, the commission chose to follow the documents, though Commissioner Stan Hartwich remarked he liked the look of the coined.

This was not the only decision asked of the board, though.  The others weren’t as easily decided as the IT room was again discussed.  This time at the center was the cooling system, which will keep the equipment from overheating.

Trisha Brook-Fruent, Construction Manager for SMH Consultants, and Dan Rowe, with Treanor Architects, were both present to discuss changing the HVAC system.

Commission Chair Pat Weixulman had other ideas.

Weixulman brought forth the idea of leaving the HVAC system as is and just adding a supplementary cooling system to the IT room.

After a phone call and discussion, the idea became feasible and was tabled until a design proposal could be made available.

The commission didn’t just spend their time with the Justice Center as they took care of a diligent bill and spoke with departments on items.

The Public Works brought before the commission a request to move the sheriff’s building to their department as an annex.  This was approved and will take place once the building is vacated.

There was also talk of more changes to the Flush Road Highway 24 intersection, but as Leu Lowery, public works director, explained the changes would be beneficial because they would be adding in turn lanes on 24 to allow onto north and south Flush Road safely.  This would be in addition to a left turn lane on Flush road and an acceleration lane on 24 previously approved of in June.

The commission’s next meeting will be next Monday in Westmoreland.


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