K-18 construction continues to be a problem


Construction along K-18 continues to be a concern for Manhattan residents, with some of the motorists now using McDowell Creek Road as an alternate route.

Police captain Tim Hegarty spoke to the Riley County  commission about the issue on Monday.

“We’ve got two areas of concern,” Hegarty said. “The difference is we have accidents occurring on K-18. We don’t have reported accidents occurring on McDowell Creek Road.”

Hegarty has been open to public suggestions on ways to remedy the problem.

“A number of people have called for a traffic light,” Hegarty said. “The bottom line is for the next three years, as long as the K-18 project is ongoing, that is going to be an issue. Short of manually directing traffic, which we simply don’t have the resources to do, there’s not a whole lot that we can do.”

The commission along with Hegarty are encouraging Riley County residents to inform friends coming from the western portion of the state on gamedays to take I-70 to K-177 to help eliminate accidents on K-18.


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