K-State Athletics Budget $65.7 Million in 2015


K-State athletics director John Currie announced Wednesday that K-State’s athletic budget will increase by $5.65 million to a total of $65.7 million for the 2015 fiscal year. This is up 49 percent from the 2010 budget of $44.1 million.

Currie also noted in his latest letter to K-State fans that the 2014 fiscal year was the fifth straight year with a balanced budget and a surplus.

K-State will get a projected $26 million in Big 12/NCAA revenue shares, but the biggest revenue source for the 2015 budget is still $31.16 million in ticket purchases and fan contributions.

58 percent of the expenses in the budget is operating the athletic teams. That includes scholarships, sports medicine, coaching, travel and recruiting. Currie said K-State will spend $700,000 for additional nutritional expenses due to new a new NCAA rule that allows schools to give additional meals and snacks to student-athletes. K-State will add a morning snack Monday through Friday and upgrade what’s available in strength training areas with “fuel stations.”

K-State also revealed that the full cost or “value” of a scholarship for an out-of-state student-athlete is approximately $42,500 a year. That includes tuition, food, housing, books, academic services, sports medicine, insurance and personalized strength and conditioning.


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