K-Staters On Scene At Marathon Bombings


Though, the explosions happened on the east coast in Boston on Monday, here in Manhattan we are feeling the ripple effect as some of our own were effected.

Four Kansas State students were in Boston with their families running the marathon, while other Wildcats had made the transition to Boston to work on their education.

KMAN had a chance to talk with Lyndi Stucky, junior in mass communications and part of Alpha Delta Pi, and Samuel Brinton, former K-State student.

For Stucky, she was lucky in more ways then one on Monday.  She not only got to run in the Marathon, but after the bombs went off, both her and her family were among those safe.

“They were waiting for me, and as soon as they saw me cross the finish line they hung around a little bit, then left.  It blew their mind that the bomb that went off, my dad threw trash away in that trash can.”

Brinton explained the feeling in Boston now is eerie.

“It’s just horrifically quiet now in Boston, which is so depressing.”

Brinton continues, “I think there is going to be a lot of people here in Boston who are on edge.  Every little backpack now feels like  a bomb.”

KMAN will continue to bring you updates as more information develops from the tragic events Monday.

To hear both Stucky’s and Brinton’s interviews in full, visit our On Demand section.


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