K-State New Recycling Strategy


“One stop drop” is the the new motto for K-State Recycling. The new strategy removes the need for students and faculty to sort through their recyclable material. Instead, all recyclable material can be placed in a single bin with the exception of glass items.

“A lot of people just didn’t take the time to sort so a lot of it we had to throw away because it was all contaminated, mixed together. Now we push it all in one container and now we’re increasing our weight at least, I’d say, 10,000 lbs a week,” said Bill Spiegel with the KSU Recycle Center. Between January and February of this year alone, the total weight of recycled material increased from 69,000 lbs to over 176,000 lbs.

In an effort to further increase rycling efforts, K-State will place 75 additional recycling bins around campus.


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