“K-State” Not Going Away


A media report released this morning has K-State officials quickly clarifying misleading information from the report.

The Lawrence Journal World wrote the initial report indicating that K-State President Kirk Schulz wants to improve the university’s national recognition by dropping “K-State” as a nickname.

On the contrary, Jeff  Morris, K-State Vice President for Communication and Marketing reassures that the term is alive and well.

“K-State is part of our brand DNA,” Morris says. “It is not going away, it’s just we want to be appropriate to the right audience.”

Morris adds that whenever he is outside of the region or in academic circles, using the term “Kansas State University” helps others understand which university he is representing.

“If you look at the statements that were used (in the initial report), they were actually accurate,” Morris says. “It was the innuendo around the statements that I thought was not accurate, maybe a bit mischievous even.”

In closure, Morris advises alumni and university friends to keep calm because the university’s nickname is not going away.




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