K-State PD: Sukkah damage was weather-related


The Kansas State University Police Department has concluded the investigation of damage to a Sukkah and vehicles on Oct. 6. The department determined that severe weather caused the damage, according to a press release from K-State police Friday morning.

A Sukkah is a temporary Jewish gathering place.

Sunday, the K-State Collegian reported the damage to the Sukkah and that foul play was suspected. Monday morning, K-State President Richard Myers published a letter condemning any anti-Semitic activity on campus, stating the Sukkah was ” shamefully vandalized.”

K-State Police received a report of damage to a Sukkah and multiple vehicles between Marlatt and Goodnow halls on Friday, Oct. 6. The investigation began as a possible criminal damage to property report, but after interviews, research and further investigation, police determined that the damage was caused by Friday night’s thunderstorms, heavy rain and high winds. No malicious intent was discovered.

Police were contacted by eyewitnesses who saw the Sukkah tumbling in the wind during the storm with no people around it. A witness saw the Sukkah resting on a vehicle in the adjacent parking lot. Police have determined this took place between 10 p.m. and 10:09 p.m. on Friday based on witness statements and time stamps on photos shared with police. The investigation uncovered damage to additional vehicles parked in the area.

“We now consider this case closed and have determined no crime has taken place,” said Lt. Bradli Millington, K-State Police public information officer.


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