K-State ranked as 7th most LGBTQ-friendly university in the United States


Kansas State University has been named the seventh most LGBTQ-friendly college, according to study.com.

The ranking is out of a list of 50 United States universities and is based on data from LGBTQ advocacy groups, information from faculty and students and other factors.

The list takes note of various LGBTQ organizations at K-State, such as the Sexuality and Gender Alliance, Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and the Gender Collective.

It also recognizes the various academic, career and training programs offered to students, faculty and staff.

Topping the list at number one is the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Others coming in ahead of K-State are Ithaca College, the University of Kentucky, University of Massachussets – Amherst, DePauw University and Indiana University – Bloomington.

Study.com also mentions a list created by campuspride.com naming the worst campuses for LGBTQ youth.


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